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  • What does Algebra Nation provide to teachers and students?

    Algebra Nation is a comprehensive, one-stop digital hub of South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Standards-based resources, which can be used throughout the year in class and as a robust resource for EOCEP prep. Algebra Nation provides every algebra student and teacher in the state with anytime access to:

    • Six sets of standards-aligned instructional videos that break down algebra topics using conceptual approaches and real-world examples
    • Accompanying workbook with a variety of standards-based practice problems for each student
    • Online “Test Yourself!” Practice Tool that provides immediate feedback on student understanding
    • Homework help from the Algebra Wall, a statewide social learning platform monitored by Study Experts where students can get assistance after school and on weekends
    • Teacher Area with various teaching resources, a Teacher Wall for teachers across the state to collaborate, and a Reports feature to monitor students’ usage and progress
  • How are the Algebra Nation instructional videos different from other tutoring videos?

    Algebra Nation’s videos break down each featured problem and allow students to select their own Study Expert, so they can move at a pace and with a teaching style that works for them. And, with their accompanying workbook, they can also follow along with each problem. If they get stuck, they can ask questions on the interactive Wall and, if they want extra practice before a test, they can use the Test Yourself! Practice Tool, too!

    No other tool offers such comprehensive, standards aligned materials to support all kinds of learners.

  • How much does Algebra Nation cost?

    Algebra Nation is free for all algebra teachers and students in South Carolina.

  • Who can use Algebra Nation and when will it be available?

    Algebra Nation is available for all middle and high school algebra students and teachers in the state of South Carolina.

  • Is Algebra Nation a mandatory curriculum or program?

    Algebra Nation is not state mandated. However, it is fully aligned to the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards for mathematics and can be used both inside and outside of the classroom in a variety of ways. Algebra Nation offers comprehensive resources for all algebra topics and can serve as a primary curriculum or as a supplement to a district’s current curriculum.

  • Our schools don't have 1-to-1 devices and/or many of our students don't have internet access at home. How can we take advantage of Algebra Nation?

    To use Algebra Nation in school without 1-to-1 devices:

    If you have just one terminal in class, there are many ways you can incorporate Algebra Nation videos into your lesson. For example, you show short clips to complement your instruction to the class, or show a whole video to some students while you work in the corner with a small group of students. Many teachers have had success with these approaches. We’ve curated a number of strategies from teachers in the Teacher Area (log in to check them out). You can also post this question in the Teacher Wall when you log-in to see what other great ideas your colleagues from across the state have to offer.

    To help your students who don’t have regular home internet access:

    We find that students often have a sibling, parent or grandparent who has a smart phone or tablet (any iPhone, iPad or Android device from the last five years) and is willing to let them download the app for at-home use.

    If students have a device but no internet at home, you can recommend that they use free wifi at your local library or local businesses.

  • How can I sign up for Algebra Nation?

    Signing up for Algebra Nation is easy! Signing up for Algebra Nation is easy. Please complete this form or contact Amy@AlgebraNation.com directly to begin the integration process for your district. Our team will work with your district’s IT department to integrate Algebra Nation through a system called Clever to ensure that every algebra student and teacher has full access to the program using their current district login credentials.

  • When can I order Algebra Nation workbooks?

    If the workbook order has not been placed for the current school year please go to the Teacher Area. Algebra Nation workbook orders may be placed for all Algebra 1 students in the entire school and will be shipped directly to the school at no cost to them.

  • What professional development will be provided?

    Algebra Nation offers face-to-face and virtual professional development opportunities at no cost to districts. We tailor PD to meet the needs of the district, and can design sessions ranging from a brief introduction to the program resources to a deeper dive into how the resources can be used in a student-centered classroom to attain maximum student success.

  • Does Algebra Nation really help students master algebra?

    Yes! Algebra Nation has been rigorously evaluated by research teams in multiple states. Their research indicates that Algebra Nation has a significant positive impact on student achievement. In Florida, schools that used Algebra Nation at a high level had a 32% higher average pass rate on the Florida End-of-Course exam compared to schools that had low usage. A comprehensive evaluation that details Algebra Nation’s impact on individual student achievement in algebra is underway and will be available this summer. Initial results indicate a significant positive impact on achievement, particularly for minority and low-income students.

  • I have a question that is not addressed in these FAQs. What should I do?

    Let us know! Email help@AlgebraNation.com or call us at 1-888-608-MATH. You can also check out our Student and Teacher FAQs to see if we’ve addressed your question in either of those spots.


  • I have a suggestion that would make your resources better. How can I submit it?

    We rely on good ideas from educators and students to consistently improve our resources. Please send any ideas or suggestions to us at help@AlgebraNation.com or give us a call at 1-888-608-MATH.

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