Stall High School Students Download Their Way to Solving Math Equations

Algebra Nation

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (BRODIE HART, WTAT-TV) — It doesn’t take a sea of students to know the value of a teacher.

“All you have to do is listen and you will learn,” said Stall High School student Treasure Shine. “They break it down to you and show you how to solve the problems.”

These compliments from Treasure are directed not at the teacher standing in front of the classroom, but at the one she hold’s right in her hands.

Algebra Nation is an app you can download on your phone or iPad. Study experts walk students through algebra problems anytime, anywhere.

There is also a forum where students can live chat with study experts to get help.

“They’re making units, and that is the big thing about it,” said Hope Gamble who teaches algebra at Stall High School. She says the app multiplies students options.

“They don’t have to call me, they have Algebra Nation because even if they don’t have internet they can download videos,” she said.

South Carolina state legislature gave Algebra Nation $1.5 million for this school year – putting it into 67 districts across the state.

“We’ve grown into much more than a pilot,” said Amy Adams, who helped implement the program at Stall. She says end of course math scores are up 20% this semester since students began swiping.

“That seems to be the gateway course, that is where students tend to either hang up their hat and either say ‘I’m done with math’ or whether they move on,” she said.

Treasure says Algebra Nation makes things simple just putting two-and-two together to solve for X.

“Challenging yourself and trying to figure out the problem makes you want to learn more,” she said.

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