Algebra Nation

Thanks to support and funding from the South Carolina State Legislature, Algebra 1 students and teachers in South Carolina will have complete access to Algebra Nation for free, starting Fall 2017! We are setting up access for districts and scheduling summer and fall professional development sessions now.

Algebra Nation  provides dynamic content videos, hard copy workbooks, online practice and collaboration tools, and extensive teacher materials, which have been completely redesigned to meet the needs of South Carolina’s teacher and students. The resources are 100% aligned to the South Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards for Algebra 1 and have been validated by professors from across the state. Students and teachers will have free, 24-hour access to Algebra Nation.

Algebra Nation is the result of collaboration between The University of Florida and Study Edge, a leading education technology company. Both parties wanted to dramatically improve student achievement in Algebra 1—a required course that is a key “gateway” to higher-level math courses and high-growth, high-wage careers in STEM fields.

For more information on Algebra Nation, to set up free access for your district’s teachers and students, or to schedule a free professional development, simply complete the form below. We will respond within 1 business day. You can also read the FAQS about Algebra Nation here. We’re excited to work with you!

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