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Want to learn more about all the different Algebra Nation resources? Here is a quick guide to everything Algebra Nation offers.

Resources for TEACHERS

  1. Teacher Resources: Looking for answer keys, lesson plans, or information about where particular standards are covered in Algebra Nation’s materials? You can find it all in the Teacher Area. Watch this quick video for a tour of the Teacher Area!
  2. Data & Reports: Watch this quick video for a tour of the Reports section!

Resources for STUDENTS

  1. Algebra Wall: Your students can get homework help and virtual tutoring at nights and on weekends on our interactive Algebra Wall! Watch a video about the Algebra Wall’s unique tools here!
  2. Karma Points: Students earn Karma Points when they help other students answer questions posted on the Algebra Wall. Each month throughout the school year, Algebra Nation will award iPad and other prizes to the top Karma Points earners each month. To learn more about Karma Points, click here.
  3. Spanish Glossary and Support Videos: Algebra Nation has a video Spanish glossary of key algebra terms and a full set of videos where the Study Expert interjects Spanish translations as he works through concepts and problems. This way, Spanish-speaking English Language Learners (ELLs) are supported as they work through algebra concepts. Just select Jose as your Study Expert to view these videos!
  4. Desmos: Desmos, the free online graphing calculator,  is used in Algebra Nation’s content videos so students are able to discover core algebra concepts along with our Study Experts, and students can create and post their own Desmos graphs on the Algebra Wall. Want to see Desmos in action? Click here.
  5. The On-Ramp Tool: The On-Ramp Tool is a great way to help students fill in gaps that they need to be successful in Algebra 1. The tool sets students on individual learning pathways based on what their performance on our interactive diagnostic assessment. To learn more about the On-Ramp tool, click here.
  6. Community Service Credit: We have a system to help teachers and administrators who want students to convert their Karma Points into Community Service credit! Curious about how students can earn Community Service Credit while using Algebra Nation? Click here.
  7. “Test Yourself!” Challenge: To encourage students to prepare for the Regents Exam in Algebra 1, Algebra Nation holds an annual “Test Yourself!” Challenge. Students can win great prizes for themselves and their classmates. Keep your eyes out for information on the popular “Test Yourself!” Challenge in the spring!


  1. Mobile App: Teachers, students, and parents can download the free Algebra Nation app by searching for “Algebra Nation” on their phone or tablet’s app store. All Apple and Android devices released in the last 5 years are supported!
  2. Parents & Families: Print out the Parent & Family Letter from our website to encourage your students’ families to log in to Algebra Nation with their student to get to know the resources. You can download the letters, in both English and Spanish, here. We also have special materials you can use  to introduce parents to Algebra Nation at Parents’ Nights and other school events. For more information, email Joanna@AlgebraNation.com.
  3. Other Ways to Use Algebra Nation: Algebra Nation’s materials and resources can be used in many different ways: whether you’re reviewing material, differentiating instruction, or prepping a substitute teacher, Algebra Nation has resources to help. For more ideas on how to use Algebra Nation in your instruction, check out this quick handout.

Remember, we are always here for you! Contact us with any questions, feedback, or if you want to schedule a (completely free)  in-school visit from us. Email help@AlgebraNation.comor call us at 1-888-608-MATH.

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