UF online tutoring and curriculum goes free

“This is a time when a lot of us feel very helpless and unable to do things. A way to show we care is typically to show up for each other and when you can’t show up… making these resources available is the support we can offer to help kids during this really challenging time.”


Math Nation Available as Schools Prepare for Virtual Learning due to COVID-19

As our country takes action to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Math Nation, created by the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning and Study Edge, is committed to supporting continued access to high quality, portable mathematics educational materials for teachers and students.


Algebra Nation Available Free of Charge for All Michigan Students, Parents, and Teachers

As Michigan schools close to minimize the transmission of COVID-19, Algebra Nation is available to provide students, parents and teachers with high- quality, web- and mobile-based mathematics educational materials.


Algebra Nation Available Free of Charge for All Mississippi Students, Families, and Teachers

As Mississippi schools close to minimize the transmission of COVID-19, Algebra Nation is available to provide students, families, and teachers with high- quality, web- and mobile-based mathematics educational materials.

South Carolina

Algebra Nation Available Free of Charge for All South Carolina Students, Families, and Teachers

As South Carolina schools close to minimize the transmission of COVID-19, Algebra Nation is available to provide students, families, and teachers with high- quality, web- and mobile-based mathematics educational materials.

South Carolina

HD2 student wins big in statewide challenge

Algebra Nation challenged students across the state to kick it up a notch by participating in a four-week statewide Algebra Nation Test Yourself! Challenge.


Davidson MS Holds Math Boot Camp

Algebra and Geometry students at Davidson Middle School participated in half-day Boot Camp activities where they worked to conquer the standards associated with their EOC.


P-CCS Student Wins Math Award

Algebra Nation awarded Liberty MS 8th grade student Kamal Numburi an iPad for exemplary work in helping his peers across the state succeed in Geometry.

South Carolina

Alice Drive Middle students to be honored for helping peers in algebra

Algebra Nation will be awarding Alice Drive Middle School eighth-grade stud an iPad for her work in helping her peers across the state succeed in Algebra 1.

South Carolina

Channel 2 Press coverage of iPad winner

Stall High School student Terrence Rivers received a free iPad for earning the top spot in the state on Algebra Nation.


Algebra Teaching and Learning Support Extended to All Mississippi School Districts

Starting this school year, all Mississippi public school districts will be able to implement the Algebra Nation program, which is designed to help students perform better in the Algebra I course.


PCS Journal with Al Ruechel – Personalized Learning

Dr. Connie Kolosey talks about the new Personalized Learning website for students featuring Algebra Nation.


Local school getting new learning tool

Andrew Jackson getting algebra application as tool to improve test scores


Study experts visit Purvis Middle School math students

Eighth-grade Algebra 1 students at Purvis Middle School received a surprise by special guests outlining the importance of math on Monday.


Purvis Middle School becomes part of Algebra Nation

State legislators are doing what they can do to improve math scores throughout Mississippi.


Newton County Student Wins Math Award

Algebra Nation awarded Newton County High School 9th-grade student Alexis Tran an iPad for her exemplary work in helping her peers across the state succeed in Algebra I.

South Carolina

‘Algebra Nation’ app helping students at R.B. Stall High School master algebra

Algebra Nation is an app that’s giving freshmen at Stall High School access to tutoring videos that walks them through algebra problems.


Our Story: Darnell Boursiquot Math Nation

An alumnus of Spanish River High School gets “rock star” treatment when he visits math students in Palm Beach County District schools.


Free Algebra Resources Available

Brand new updates for 2018-2019 school year have even more teachers across Michigan excited about using Algebra Nation this year in their classrooms.


New Algebra Program Helps Student Learning

Back to school means back to the books and Mississippi school districts are making sure students are able to learn to their fullest potential.

South Carolina

How an Online Tutor Became a ‘Math Celebrity’

As soon as Darnell Boursiquot hits the hallways of a Florida middle school, he’s mobbed by starstruck teenagers.


Hamilton students visit with Algebra Nation representative

To help students comprehend Algebra I, schools in Monroe County have access to the interactive online resource Algebra Nation, which is a little bit of social networking and YouTube rolled into one.


Student volunteers hours of online homework help

ORANGE PARK – Ridgeview High School might have the most helpful Algebra I student in the state and he won a prize because of it.

South Carolina

Algebra Nation coming to Palmetto High School

Students in Anderson District 1 are participating in an exciting new math program. Algebra Nation is a state program with online materials to help students.

South Carolina

Online program helps Florence algebra students

Solving for “x” can be fun. At least, that is what students at Southside Middle School who use Algebra Nation say.

South Carolina

A local school hopes to improve low test scores with new math program

This semester, Southside Middle School is testing out a new online math program, Algebra Nation, in eighth grade math classes to help improve low test scores.

South Carolina

Stall High School Students Download Their Way to Solving Math Equations

“All you have to do is listen and you will learn,” said Stall High School student Treasure Shine. “They break it down to you and show you how to solve the problems.”


SMS Students from Ms. McKenzie’s algebra classes win prizes through Algebra Nation

Algebra Nation is an online resource that all MCPSS Algebra students may acces. For each topic learned in class, there are a variety of videos available for each student’s learning style.


Ruleville Math Stars Meet Their Algebra Celebs

A group of educators from Algebra Nation, along with State Sen. Willie Simmons, came to see the program in action and spoke with the students and asked them questions.


Michigan legislature and MDE provide support for Algebra Nation

Algebra Nation, a highly-effective supplemental resource for Algebra 1, has been rebuilt from the ground-up and made available at no cost to Michigan districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students, effective immediately.

Meet Zach!

When Zach was in middle school, his friends constantly asked him for help in math. Now, as an adult, Zach has turned pro! Algebra Nation lets him share his expertise with thousands of students every day. Zach has always enjoyed math and loves the idea that his work = fun. When he is not recording […]

Dr. Joy’s State of the Nation: Meet Olga Ferber

March 2017 Hello Math Nation! As a member of the Nation, you are part of a network of over 5,000 teachers across the state. As such, there is a lot that you can learn from each other. Spotlight on Outstanding Algebra Educators As part of our Nation network, we will be spotlighting outstanding mathematics educators […]

Moving on from point-slope form: New ways to help students write equations to represent linear functions under the MAFS

The other Study Experts and I have fielded a lot of questions about point-slope form since Florida moved to the MAFS—most frequently, “where did it go?”.  For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, it’s true: point-slope form is not required in the new standards, and your students won’t be asked about it on their Algebra […]

Students Can Earn Community Service Hours for Karma Points

As your students answer questions on the Algebra Nation Wall, Study Experts award them “Karma Points,” which can now be converted into community service credit hours. We’ve made a special report that students can pull from their My Account pages in Algebra Nation to show proof of the time they spent on the Wall and […]

Let Education SuperHighway Help You Get a Better Deal!

EducationSuperHighway is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to upgrading the Internet access in every public school classroom in Florida and across America. Now that the USAC upgrade window is open, it is a great time for school districts to think about getting more bandwidth for their budget to ensure that students and teachers can access the promise […]


Algebra Nation program complements classroom math lessons with virtual tutoring

Students taking Algebra one in Mobile County Public Schools have a new tool this year, a virtual tutoring program called Algebra Nation.


Assignment Education features Algebra Nation in Monroe County

The Mississippi legislature is funding a new web based learning resource known as Algebra Nation.


MCPSS schools show off how they’re using Algebra Nation tutoring tool

Representatives from Algebra Nation and the Alabama Department of Education visited several schools last week to see how the program is being used in Mobile County.


Check out this rapping teen’s ode to ‘Math Nation’

Atlantic High junior Jackson Destine loves to rap. And he apparently also loves “Math Nation,” a free math-tutoring software tool created by the University of Florida’s Lastinger Center for Learning.


Algebra Nation celebs’ visit motivates Crestview High students

CRESTVIEW — More than 500 students in Crestview High School’s gymnasium bleachers screamed, applauded and whistled when four celebrities entered the room.

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