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Open Up Resources 6-8 Math

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(printed by Math Nation, a service of the University of Florida Lastinger Center and Study Edge)

What enhancements are included with Math Nation?

Math NationOpen Up ResourcesKendall Hunt
Color Workbook Set price per student $12.00$26.00$22.99
Full Open Up Resources 6-8 curriculum
Free shipping
Engaging videos covering each lesson
Web, iPhone, iPad and Android app with videos, flashcards, and more
Interactive practice with instant feedback
Spanish glossary videos
Collaborative teacher discussion board
Teacher Reports
Online professional development at no additional cost

What are districts saying about Math Nation?

“Our teachers have used Math Nation for high school math for several years now and are very excited to now add the new middle grades content as our core curriculum this fall!”

— John Morris, Secondary Math Specialist in Hernando County School District (FL)

“We are so excited! With the cost of the workbooks being half the price, we can purchase for twice as many schools!”

— Rachael Smilowitz, Middle School Math District Instructional Specialist in Charleston County School District (SC)

“Walton County loves the Open Up Resources, and we are thrilled that Math Nation is offering the workbooks at a fraction of the cost. We can’t wait to use them this school year!”

— Katie Moore, Secondary Math Coach in Walton County School District (FL) agreed,

Why purchase from Math Nation?

Math Nation is dedicated to providing the best resources to teachers at a price that makes great curriculum accessible to EVERY school in the country. Reviewing the Open Up Resources curriculum, we realized that the same printed materials could be improved by incorporating our innovative video and practice platform – and still be offered at a fraction of the cost. Math Nation Study Experts provide videos for teachers and students that are correlated to each lesson component. To preview the videos and see a tour of the web app, please click here.

Read more about this Open Up Resources curriculum and who wrote it, here.

If you’re ready to order or would like more information, please email us at with the following information:

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