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Algebra Nation is a dynamic free resource now available to all Algebra 1 students and teachers in Mobile County, Alabama! Algebra Nation is designed to help students succeed in Algebra 1 and beyond.

Algebra Nation
Algebra Nation Algebra Nation


  • Dynamic Videos

    Dynamic content videos that cover everything Alabama Algebra 1 students need to know. Students can choose between five different tutors who teach the same material in different ways and at different paces.

    Dynamic Videos
  • Custom Workbooks

    Every algebra student in Mobile can receive a workbook that complements the videos. Students can write in the workbooks and take them home for more practice!

    Custom Workbooks
  • Practice Tool

    A Practice Tool at the end of each section of videos lets students test their knowledge and gives instant feedback (plus resources that target gaps in their understanding!)

    Practice Tool
  • Algebra Wall

    The interactive Algebra Wall lets Alabama students get extra help from Study Experts, teachers, and peers.

    Algebra Wall
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Teachers can collaborate too! Algebra Nation’s Teacher Area provides a forum for teacher-to-teacher collaboration, plus lesson plans and other resources that align with the videos and workbook.

    Teacher Collaboration

Free Online Resources Available 24/7

Algebra Nation is a highly effective, dynamic online resource that includes video tutorials, an interactive discussion wall, and a practice tool. Students can get help with Algebra 1 using the web and mobile app

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Algebra Nation app Algebra Nation app Algebra Nation app

In The News

MPCSS The Wire – December 19th, 2016

Algebra Nation program complements classroom math lessons with virtual tutoring

Students taking Algebra one in Mobile County Public Schools have a new tool this year, a virtual tutoring program called Algebra Nation. Developed by the University of Florida and an educational technology company called Study Edge, Algebra Nation combines video lessons accessible by website or a smartphone app with a workbook as a complement to a […]

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MCPSS The Wire – January 31, 2017

MCPSS schools show off how they’re using Algebra Nation tutoring tool

Stephanie Maddox’s Algebra I students at Causey Middle School got a surprise visit last week. They didn’t know his full name, but they recognized Darnell Boursiquot as soon as he walked into the classroom. He is, after all, their algebra tutor. Boursiquot is one of the tutors at Algebra Nation, an online resource that is […]

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