Algebra Nation Wall

Welcome to the Algebra Nation! We’re so glad you’re joining our team where we all work together to help each other conquer algebra! We have some awesome resources to help us accomplish that, so be sure to look for them in the “Videos and More” tab or post on the “Algebra Wall”! Either way we hope you’re excited, and here are a few of the rules we live by on the wall:

Karma Points

  1. What are Karma Points you ask? Well, we believe in good karma here at Algebra Nation, so Study Experts will award you with Karma Points for helping other students in a meaningful way (not just giving the answer) and starting new algebra-related discussions on the Wall. You can also help students by directing them to videos that will help them with their questions and by explaining how to start problems. You’ll be awarded 100, 200 or 500 Karma Points, depending on your post.

  2. No need to ask for Karma Points, Study Experts are watching and will award them to you if you have earned them, so remember to always do your best!

  3. You can see where you stand with other students by looking at the Karma Points Leaderboard. The number of Karma Points you’ve earned is shown on each wall post that you make, on the header above the video player, and on the My Account page.

  4. Why do you want to earn Karma Points? Because you can win great prizes! September through April, the middle school and high school Algebra 1 student who earns the most Karma Points will each win an iPad mini! Who can win the iPad each month? Any student who is studying for the Algebra 1 End-of-Course Exam is eligible to win the iPad mini each month!

Challenge Question Rules!

  1. Sometimes the Study Experts will post “Challenge Questions” on the wall. Only one answer post per person is allowed, so comment wisely!

  2. You have 15 minutes from when the question is posted to comment and receive Karma Points.

  3. The first 3 students to answer correctly and show work will receive 200 Karma Points. 100 Karma Points will be awarded to anyone else with the correct answer and work who answers within the 15 minute timeframe.

  4. Writing just an answer without showing significant work or an explanation will not receive Karma Points.

  5. Do not post asking if you got it right or got Karma Points, trust us, we’re on it, and will reward you for your good work 🙂

Non-Algebra Related Posts

  1. Remember to be nice and respectful to your fellow Algebra Nation members. Inappropriate and non-algebra related posts will be removed.

  2. Inappropriate posts will be reported to your teacher immediately. So be on your best behavior and help make Algebra Nation a great experience for everyone!

Well, what are you waiting for? To begin, go ahead and post a question on the wall that you need help on! Or simply start a discussion on algebra-related topics. Let’s do this! 😀