About Algebra Nation

UF and Study Edge invite algebra teachers from across the state to incorporate Algebra Nation into their Algebra 1 curriculum. This supplemental online resource offers them many tools, such as:

1) A continuous classroom. A bell schedule no longer constrains teachers and students. Algebra Nation videos offer a wide range of material – from concept breakdowns to practice problems – supplementing the school-day learning. For instance, teachers ask their students to join in the conversation on the Algebra Wall.

2) Participation flexibility. Teachers’ Algebra Nation participation options range from simply pointing their students to AlgebraNation.com to viewing data on their students’ usage such as performance on the ‘Test Yourself’ practice tool, videos watched, and questions asked on the algebra wall.

3) End-of-unit reviews. Teachers use Algebra Nation videos in stations or assign as homework to jog their students’ memories before an end of unit review. Algebra Nation also offers mini quizzes for students to self-test and chart their own study path. For teachers who choose to become involved, Algebra Nation sets up a teacher account, which gives access to students’ quiz results, among other data. This helps teachers target their prep lesson plans.

4) End-of-Course review units. Teachers plan an entire End-of-Course review unit using the structure and resources available through Algebra Nation.